Qiana Cutts, Owner

Honey + HotSauce Co. is a southern-inspired lifestyle brand celebrating life's sweet joys and spicy moments. Our home fragrance and body products are hand-crafted with love, attention to detail and the environment, and a focus on self-care and wellness. Our signature product is our small-batch candles, which are made with an all-natural coconut wax blend, phthalate-free fragrances, and cotton wicks. Our candles have a long-lasting, clean burn and fill the space with memories of family, friends, and community, creating a unique Honey + HotSauce Co. sensory experience!

Founded in 2020 by the quintessential eclectic Girl Raised in the South (@EclecticGRITS) Qiana Cutts, the Honey + HotSauce Co. is the manifestation of her love for southern culture and well-being crafted through scented memories of home.

Qiana has always had an affinity for candles and, during the summer of 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, turned to making candles as a way to heal, center well-being, and connect to the memories she had growing up in rural Alabama and living in Georgia and Mississippi. She centers the honoring of home through the power of fragrance.

Qiana makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia and lives through her experiences throughout the South as the "tri-State Queen".

As an educator and creative, Qiana conducted intense research to discover the fragrances most poignant to the South and honors the southern tradition through rich and vibrants candles, soaps, and other creatively structured homecoming items.